Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the busiest places in your home. This is the reason why it needs proper care and attention designing or renovating. Many individuals prefer to renovate their bathrooms and kitchens before they think of other place or rooms in the house. Bathrooms today have grown to be places where one can feel healthy and have relief after a tough day.

Sometimes, bathroom renovations only need small changes and you are done with remodeling; for instance, you may only need to add small storage area for the cleaning agent like soaps, and shampoos and you are finished with the bathroom improvements. But for bigger bathrooms, you need to add more fixtures to improve them. The following are some tips to update your bathroom settings to give it a sophisticated and stylish look.

Make Use Of Essential Bathroom Furnituredfddfreegrgr

Utilize different bathroom furniture sets which do provide great functionality and have excellent designs. Current bathroom cabinets, a double bathroom vanity, and wicker furniture are the best ones to use. There are other many types of models that are available at local hardware stores if you are interested. Choose the ones which are cost-efficient to stay within your budget.

Appropriate Lighting

Apart from having original light fixtures installed, you can also try supplementing with smaller ones on the corners of the bathroom or near your bathroom furniture. Lighting can help in setting a good ambiance and can complement any design that you may have. You can either utilize a simple light bulb or costly and more fashionable ones.

Consider Changing Tiles

Bathroom tiles are often overlooked when renovating bathrooms, which should not be the case. Bear in mind that tiles surround the bathrooms major space. Floor tiles should not be slippery to prevent accidents from happening; the color should match the design that you want to implement. Tiles always enhance the appearance bathrooms. Make sure you renovate them too. The type and color should be what you feel is lovely and looks presentable.

Use Mirrors

vvfbtbtfgththUse current mirrors as they can serve as accessories to your bathroom. It can make the area look bigger than it is and can also be utilized to hide some stains. Mirrors are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes plus they are not very expensive. Buying mirrors for your bathroom is a good idea and a good investment as well.

These are some simple and most efficient way that will help you when you want to renovate your bathroom to give a better appearance.

Tips To Consider When Buying A New Refrigerator


Buying a refrigerator is not a difficult task. But what makes individuals feel frightened by this responsibility is the thought that this device is a costly and long-term investment. You can also feel stress because you are going to spend a lot of cash. A fridge is one of the necessary appliances in your kitchen, so you have to buy it with a lot of care.

If you know what you exactly want, it is easier for you to buy one. There are many types of fridges available in the market today which come in various colors and makes. The following are some tips to lead you through to purchase a good fridge.

The Size

Getting a proper size depends on your storage requirements. You do not need a big fridge ifdefgregrthg you don’t store a lot of perishable goods even if you have a big family. Consider the amount food you store in a weekly or monthly basis so that you can estimate the capacity needs. Go for the fridge size you are comfortable with, and you are sure of utilizing it correctly.

Before buying the fridge, you should also think of the kitchen space. If you have a small kitchen, just buy a small fridge to suit the space.

Energy Efficiency

It is always desirable to buy a less energy consuming fridge. It is believed new fridges consume lesser electricity than old refrigerators. You can ask and know how much power does it use. Check and know the annual power consumption of fridge; there is a yellow energy star sticker of the refrigerator that will guide you to know.

If you have a small family, there is no need of getting a big fridge as it will use a lot of electricity. The remaining space inside quickens the machines to work harder to level out the temperature.


The general rule is that costly fridges have additional features incorporated in them. Don’t spend the extra cash for features you don’t need. Only stick to what you need, and you will get a reasonably priced fridge. It is advisable to consider a refrigerator with has alert and safety features if you have kids.


rbfgnyjyuWhen buying a fridge or any electronics, make sure you have a guarantee. It depends on manufacturers, but many warranties are from three to ten years. The warranty guarantees you the durability of your fridge.


It is always important to go through customer reviews; this is a column whereby clients give their feedback on particular goods or products. Always buy a product that has more positive reviews. You will get to know the best brand to buy.

La Petite Provence

Pascal, Didier and Alain owners of Petite Provence Boulangerie and Patisserie originally came from France. In 1996, wanting to share their passion of French patisserie they opened their first bakery La Provence Bakery and Bistro in Lake Oswego. By popular demand, they then opened the exclusive bakery, La Provence Wholesale bakery, on SE Divison St. in 2003. In 2007 the Petite Provence in the Dalles was opened, the unique style and menu have been well received.

The newest member of the family is Petite Provence on NE Alberta St, which is in a fresh and exciting neighborhood. It is our wish to not only bring you the taste and atmosphere of France, but to also become part of your neighborhood. You may also notice that the menus are quite similar, this is to allow the creative management to lend character and style of their own, giving you the opportunity to enjoy individual tastes as you visit each location.

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