Professional plasterers – How can they help you and where to find them?


Your house is not just a place where you live, sleep or eat. It is also an extremely valuable asset – one that should reflect your personality and represent your tastes. Keep in mind that an unattractive and rather shabby residence will represent a poor personality and lack of attention. Therefore, if you want a house that will impress your guests and leave a long lasting impression, your need to make it appealing.

Where to look for a skilled plasterer?

Start off your search by looking for personal recommendations. If some of your friends, colleagues or family members have good experiences with certain plasterers, they will surely point you in the right direction. You can also visit a variety of trades websites and dedicated forums too, and look for recommendations and reviews there.

What will a plasterer do?

2Well, most plasterers will make the walls of your house appealing by utilizing a traditional technique which involves the use of cement, or gypsum and water. A plasterer will spread that mix directly onto the brickwork with a trowel and finish with a thin coating of gypsum. Once set, the plaster will effectively become an integral part of your house’s walls. It will also become suitable for all kinds of decoration covers, such as wallpapers or paint.

Now, while the wet plaster is the most popular choice of the majority of homeowners, there is also another technique, known as drylining.

Features of drylining

This technique revolves around the usage of paper-covered plaster boards for walls and ceilings too. These large sheets are screwed, nailed, or bonded in place. When compared to wet plaster, drylining has a number of advantages. It is faster, less likely to crack and doesn’t require long drying periods.

If you have masonry walls, a professional plasterer can use dabs of plaster, in order to fix the boards in place and prepare them for decoration. These boards can then be covered with a layer of wet plaster or painted directly.

The duration of the procedure

Time-wise, the process of plastering is not a fixed one. It can vary greatly, depending on the size of the house, the weather, and the expertise of the plasterer. However, in most cases, it usually takes one day to do one average-sized room. During the winter days, it may take longer, while during the summer, it can be done in a quicker fashion.

The costs of professional plastering services

The majority of plasterers offer a number of payment options. These include a labour-only basis, which involves a lump sum quote, a part-supply option, and supply and fixes. Some plasterers are also known to price their services according to the number of days it takes them to finish the job.

The matter of materials and supply tools

3In most cases, you will not have to worry about these, because the majority plasterers come equipped with their own bagged goods, mixing utensils, and a variety of other tools. Usually, plasterers have their own favorite brands of equipment and supplies, and they prefer sticking to what they know works perfectly. But, if you want to fit custom plasterboards, you will have to provide these on your own, as well as any beading, if needed.