Things to do when installing electronic pet fences


Electric fences are amongst the best ways of restricting pet movement. They help to prevent dogs and other animals from jumping or digging under the designated boundaries. With these underground fences can be installed right from the underground to prevent sneaking by all means. Electronic fences systems are the most effective and harmless way of training your dog to stay within the homestead. You need to continue reading in order to know the crucial things to do when installing this type of fence.

Consult A Veterinarian

Before starting the installation, just consult your veterinarian to give you a professional advice according to your plans. This is crucial because most of these devices are not suitable for all of your pets at home. A professional is able to determine whether the use of an electronic fence is a good idea based on the pet’s medical record and temperament. This is crucial because you may spend a lot of money raising a fence that will cause more harm to your favorite pet.

Consider pet’s temperament

2Before you install an electric fence, make sure you consider your pet’s temperament. The overall breed characteristics will always determine your choice of the fence. It can also depend on the individual animal’s personality because some of the pets have different behaviors from the actual breed profile. Also, some animals like guard dogs may behave in a way that is defensive whenever they are approached.

Test collar batteries

It is good to regularly test the collar batteries. This is important because it helps to ensure the system will be effective. Therefore, It is advisable to test every battery around the collar, and if a need arises, you can replace them. Replacement of these batteries is usually done at least after every four to five months. With fully functional batteries, the electronic fencing will definitely work as intended.

Plot the wire perimeter

It is advisable to do a pre-plotting before the fence is even installed. This will help to determine the points where the electric wires are going to be buried. In fact, this helps to facilitate a quicker installation and determine the number of materials required to complete the job. For instance, when the wires are required to go through a concrete pavement, a circular masonry blade saw will be needed in making a trench for an electric wire to pass through. You should do the plotting by yourself because you know the boundaries better than the contractors.

Training your pet

3Another important thing to do before the electric fence is installed is training your pet. Immediately after the veterinarian has allowed the system to be, you should spend some time to train your pet on how the electric fence will operate. It can take you two to three days for the training to be effective. In fact, some animals like a dog can take even a day to understand the system while others will take up to a week. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that the pet is well trained. Each time your pet goes past the boundaries the collar will beep, then you should threaten it, but if stops you can praise it and continue the process till it is done.