Common Air Conditioning Services in Sacramento

building with air conditioning services

Sacramento is a beautiful city that is located in California. Just like the rest of the cities, there are different climate condition changes. Hence, you will find almost every home with an air conditioner to ensure that there is a supply of fresh air during both the cold and hot seasons.

If the air conditioners are used for a long time, they tend to develop various faults which are quite common, and these conditions require expert servicing from Clarke & Rush.

The following are some of the common air conditioning services in Sacramento:


AC unitsThis is one of the major problems that cause the AC to stop functioning. Constant use of the AC causes the ducts to clog thus affecting its functioning. Although most manufacturers provide instructions on the user manual regarding how to solve the clogging issue, it is advisable that you hire a technician who will be able to provide thorough unclogging and cleaning of the blocked ducts.


This is the powering part of the air conditioner which enables it to run. If the thermostatic is dysfunctional or if it is not functioning well, the AC also gets affected whereby it completely stops to run, and one may not be able to regulate it.

By calling a technical in Sacramento, he or she will be able to diagnose the part and offer you the right advice regarding whether to replace it or repair if the damage is not severe. So, when you notice that your thermostatic has an issue, call a technician immediately to come and check it to avoid further damages to the device.

Damaged Coolants or Refrigerants

If the coolants are damaged, they start to leak. In return the AC fails to provide cool air when required. Some of the causes of the damage to the coolant may occur as a result of overuse or if the part is worn out.

It is advisable that you have the AC checked maybe thrice a year so the technician can be able to identify such issues at an early stage. This is because the leakage from the coolants can damage other parts of the air conditioner whereby you may end up having to purchase another one.

Frozen Coil

The coil can be affected by a wide variety of problems such as a filthy filter which causes the airflow to be blocked. This problem can easily be prevented by having your AC regularly checked and maintained by a reliable technician.


air conditioningIf you are planning to install an air conditioner in your home or office at Sacramento, it is essential that you note the above-discussed issues that may arise in the course of using the AC. Always have the device checked to prevent some of the issues that may end up damaging your AC if not rectified on time.